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State-of-the-art Analytics Solutions

See the essence of data that drives your business.


At the heart of our solutions is VISUAL EDGE®. It delivers an unparalleled analysis and visualisation of key financial and systems performance metrics to financial institutions, including investment banks, brokers and hedge funds.



A secure and scalable  cloud platform.  Can be deployed in-house.


Custom analysis and visualisation features can be added via pluggable modules.


A number of ready-made solutions are available to meet specific needs of financial institutions.


Broker Risk Management

Helps brokers to monitor their intra-day market exposure, profit & loss and client behaviour.

Operational Analytics

Enables IT Operations staff to see performance of their IT systems, including SLA monitoring, post-event analysis and capacity planning.

Bond Market Analysis

Gives bond traders  tools to analyse prices of bonds in the market and to sport profitable trading opportunities.

Commercial Management

Provides in-depth  spend management analysis for investment banks.



VISUAL EDGE consists of an HTML5 web-based visualisation front-end and a server back-end. The front-end runs on most browsers and requires no installation. The server back-end is implemented in Java and therefore runs on most operating systems. It can connect to a variety of data sources, including various databases, APIs, CSV and Excel files.


VISUAL EDGE supports pluggable custom modules at the server back-end and at the front-end levels. These provide solution specific data analysis, visualisation and user interaction functionality.


VISUAL EDGE can be deployed either securely over a public or private cloud or in-house. Multiple server components can be deployed to achieve scalability.



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